Finlay’s Chocolate Treat Box



Introducing our brand new Treat Boxes available in a variety of fillings.


This Valentine’s Chocolate Treats Box is bursting with lots of your favourite chocolate bars & goodies as well as some valentine’s themed goodies!

1 x Large Bag Jazzles

1 x Large Bag Bitsa Wispa

1 x Artisan Chocolate Bear with Heart Lolly

1 x Bag Maltesers

1 x Packet Swizzels Love Hearts

1 x Malteasers Bar

1 x Packet Minstrels

1 x Purple Snack

2 x Chomp Bar

2 x Dairy Milk Standard Bars

2 x Love Heart Lollies

Caramel Rounds, Chocolate Hearts, individually wrapped artisan chocolate hearts


Please note contents may vary slightly depending on availability.